"I am so tired of taking hit after hit in the stock market!  How can I know if my stock broker is steering me in the right direction?"


Investment professionals are taught, and tell their clients, that their portfolios should be diversified (though “properly diversified”, or “well-diversified” are probably better descriptions).


Unfortunately, only a small percentage of these investment professionals, and a small percentage of investors in general, have any understanding what diversification truly is, and even fewer know how to achieve it or measure it.


“Is my investment portfolio properly diversified?”


Portfolio Correlation ProTM can help you answer this question by calculating correlation, a measure of how well-diversified your portfolio is.  In just seconds you can see which securities are rising and falling together, which is an indication that your portfolio may NOT be well-diversified.


Finance Professionals LOVE Portfolio Correlation Pro!“Does my asset allocation make sense?”


Portfolio Correlation ProTM can give you a real-world, nuts-and-bolts analysis that will help you make an allocation decision based upon actual market performance.


“Is my investment portfolio too risky for the returns I’m getting?”


Portfolio Correlation ProTM provides an important step in proper investment risk analysis.  Only you can determine the level of risk that is appropriate for you, but wouldn't you like to know you are using intelligent analysis in your decision?


“Is my financial advisor giving me sound recommendations?”


Portfolio Correlation ProTM can help you with your due diligence.  We suggest that you have your financial advisor get a copy of Portfolio Correlation ProTM as well!


You know about investment returns (most of them, these days, are negative), you hear about investment risk (these days, it’s way too high), and you want the highest return possible with the lowest risk possible.


But unless you’re an expert in investment portfolio analysis, how do you measure the risk of your investment portfolio?


That’s Portfolio Correlation ProTM's job!  And you don’t need to be an expert at asset allocation modeling to use it.  If you can type in the ticker symbols (stock symbols) for your investments, you can run a sophisticated correlation analysis of your portfolio that many investment professionals could not create!


The single, most important contributor to the risk of an investment portfolio is a word that most investors never hear, and fewer still understand: correlation.  If you want your portfolio to have lower risk, you need to make sure that the securities in your portfolio have low correlations of returns.


The chart below shows the result of a Portfolio Correlation ProTM analysis of a risky portfolio; this analysis took Portfolio Correlation ProTM just a few seconds.  The red bars show securities that are strongly, positively correlated with the rest of the portfolio; i.e., to a large extent they mimic the behavior of the other securities, by tending to rise and fall together.  Conversely, the green bars show securities that have low or negative correlations with the rest of the portfolio.  The red and green bars suggest securities on which to focus to reduce your overall portfolio risk: increasing your investment in green securities and decreasing your investment in red securities.


Portfolio Correlation ProTM computes the correlations of returns for the securities in your portfolio, and gives you a simple, color-coded assessment of this crucial portfolio characteristic: red is bad, blue is fair, green is good.  Portfolio Correlation ProTM provides the first step in investment performance analysis for your portfolio.


And best of all, the basic version of Portfolio Correlation ProTM is free!  (There is a charge for the premium version of Portfolio Correlation ProTM.)


Diversify Your Portfolio Now!


Most asset allocation software packages will tell you that the key to a good investment portfolio is diversification, but most won't tell you how to measure that diversification.


Portfolio Correlation ProTM does just that!  With easy-to-understand, color-coded charts, Portfolio Correlation ProTM helps you get a handle on your investment asset management.


Click below to download your copy of Portfolio Correlation ProTM, and start understanding the risk in your portfolio.  Do it right now!


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